Gateway is blessed to have an expericnced staff that is committed to the development and care of its student body.

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Roger Gaines

BA Mathematics

Howard Payne University

Starting year: 1979

Chris Dumont

BS Kinesiology

Texas A&M San Antonio

Starting year: 2008

Robin Gaines

BA English

Texas A&M Kingsville

Starting year: 1980

Rollin Gaines

BA History

University of Texas San Antonio

Starting year: 1978

Peggy Gaines

Over 30 years experience

ACE curriculum

Starting year: 1978

Pat Corn

BM Education

The University of Texas

Starting year: 1974

Joy Dumont

BS Public Relations

The University of Texas

Starting year: 2008

Mario Perez

Pursuing a BA Graphic Design

Palo Alto College

Starting year: 2013